Red malay kratom | Best Kratom Strains to buy kratom

Red Malay kratom is one of the many kratom strains which is widely known for its relaxation and recreation benefits. Of the red vein strains, his is the strain which produces the most euphoric effect as it stimulates users more than any stimulant. Its effects as will last longer. You can also look into sacred kratom coupon code for extra discount

Ways of in taking red Malay kratom

Red Malay kratom can be taken in various ways and each of those ways has varied intensity level with some methods more preferred than others. Below are some of those methods to make choice from:

  1. Direct ingestion

This is the simplest of all ways through which one can take kratom. The method requires the user to take the kratom through the mouth as a dosage after which you take some water. Before swallowing, allow the kratom to rest in the mouth. However, you should be more careful not to swallow much of the kratom as it can result in coughing. Since it’s a direct way of consuming kratom, the intended effects are felt after very few minutes. As well, you do not require as much to make it like you would in the case of juice or kratom tea.

  1. Making kratom tea

The natives from the countries which grow kratom consider this method of making tea as the best way to take kratom. Red Malay kratom powder can be brewed to make a very delicious tea. What you need to do so as to make the tea is either boil the powder in water for some minutes or allow it to settle inside the water that is boiling then strain the mixture to get pure tea. Taking it as kratom tea helps ease the effect of killing the pain that comes with kratom powder. The tea instead results in much stimulating effect for the user.

  1. Adding kratom the drink or to food

Technically, you can add red Malay kratom to a drink or to food and still get that excellent taste of kratom. For instance, if you take protein shake so as to boost energy you can also add the red Malay powder to the shake so as to boost the effects. Also, you can add red Malay to the morning juice or food which has some similar flavor to that of the kratom.

  1. Taking red Malay capsules

Just like other many kratom strains, the red Malay can also be taken in the form of capsules. This makes a very easy and convenient way of taking kratom. However, you may not have as much fun compared to if you ingested it directly. The effects as well are quite less intense than when its ingested directly.

Dosage of red Malay kratom

If thinking of starting to take red Malay kratom one thing you should keep in mind is never to overdose. Although it’s a legal substance, avoid at all circumstances misusing kratom. For beginners who are trying for the first time, the recommended dosage is 2grams to 3 grams. As a beginner, you will experience that euphoria feeling before it gets you feeling calm. You should keep the same dosage until your body is able to handle a higher dosage. Also, try taking it on an empty stomach as it would be more effective.