Why I should own a photo printer at home

Printing at home has turned to be a dying art as most people in the current world end their image creation process by posting their photos on different social media sites. However, most people prefer visiting a photo studio when they want a hard copy of their photos.

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This is because of the assumption that their photos will be professionally created though not assurance and hence the article is all about why I should own a photo printer at home.

1. I can print my photos instantly with my photo printer at home.

It is fun to go out and have wonderful experience and photo shoot, but when you want to get hard copies of your photos from a photo studio, it may take longer and hence spoiling the excitement. Having a photo printer at home is more fun as you can print photos immediately after taking the photos.

2. Printing photos at home teach more of printing craft.

Photography is a subtle art, but most photographers emphasize more on photo taking with no interest on photo printing, you should know that printing your photos at home you get a chance to learn an additional art of photo printing which includes color, papers and ink management hence making you a complete photographer.

3. By printing my photos at home, I have full control of the final product.

When I own a photo printer at home means that I have full control of the image that would like to have unlike when I take my photography to a photo studio, in a photo studio I have no power as the professional edit to their taste and hence you may end up with a photo that is entirely different from the original.

4. I have a chance to test different papers.

With the many varieties of photo papers manufacturers in the market today, you may not be able to choose the right paper to be used, but when I own a photo printer at home, I can print a photo using different papers to help me decide on the best paper to be using.

5. I can make an awesome home gallery.

With my photo printer at home I can create a home gallery, I can also be changing the home gallery very often as the cost of production is quite low. A home gallery is awesome as it is changed consecutively and hence visitors can spend time viewing your gallery.

6. Printing at home improves my photography work.

When I own a photo printer at home means I have a chance of printing almost all the photos I take and hence I will be comparing my photos. By comparing my photos, I will be able to trace my progress with time.

Above are some of the few benefits of owning a photo printer at home, but generally, there are many other benefits which you will come to realize when you own one.