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Special Offer.
This is the special offer. A limited number of this set is on offer and they go on a first come first served basis. . Read on...

On offer today is a set of cards in top notch condition. The four cards below represent the condition of all the cards in the set (there are 50 cards in the set).

It is Rover, The World's Best Cricketers issued 1932

Naturally the complete set of 32 cards is on offer not just the ones illustrated and it is an original set.

A great set from an issuer that produced few series.

This set catalogues at 72 GBP / 112 US$.

It is not an easy set to locate, especially in this condition.

For a limited period (for approx. the next 24 hours) I am offering this set for the remarkable price of:

52 GBP / 85 US$.

This includes postage and packaging.

I am offering this set because this issuer of cards does not often get a mention on this site.

The set is in first class condition as can be seen from the scan and would normally be sold at a premium of catalogue price, not a discount.

I will not be offering this set at this discount again this year.

Examples cards from the set.

Not interested in this offer, why not check out my catalogue section for over 1000 different sets of cards everyone of which I will discount subject to availability. THE CATALOGUE SECTION


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Please be aware the cards above represent only part of the set. The set value is for the complete set not just the cards shown.

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Saturday, 23rd May 2009