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Franklyn Cards : New Content
Just because Franklyn Cards represents the largest provider of cigarette card content on the internet does not mean new content is not added all the time.

Read on to see some the new items for you to enjoy reading...

Currently this website is going through a major overhaul.

Every page on this site is being re-written.

Whole new sections are being opened up for the first time.

And new content is being added on a daily basis.

Because of this project it is impossible to keep you abreast of the new content.

This project is going to take the remainder of 2006, so come back often and enjoy all the changes taking place.

The Story of one man's Victoria Cross
The Victoria Cross is the highest award for bravery above and beyond the call of duty which the British can bestow. This is the story of the Victoria Cross won by Gunner Collis.

Card Variations
One of the things which makes cigarette card collecting so fascinating is the variations which can be gleaned. At first glance a set is a set is a set but it is not as simple as that. Not even close...

Ancient Egypt:
The culture of the Ancient Egyptians has long fascinated us and the interest is not going to go away. Forget the nonsense about aliens landing and the new age mumbo-jumbo. The truth is a lot more interesting than that...

Wonders of the World
Wonders of the World is a subject matter I return to frequently. A wonder of the world is just that, something to marvel at. In 1938 Churchman produced a set called Modern Wonders but that was not the last set they produced on the subject. Read on...

Modern Wonders
Ever since the wonders of the world were codified by people with a bit too much time on their hands we have been obsessed with these sort of lists. Long may that be the case.

Engineering Wonders
Today Engineering Wonders often tend towards the micro scale but there was a time when huge steam powered lumbering beasts covered crept over the face of the world and changed it forever.

Turf Cigarette cards
Cigarette card production effectively ceased after the Second World War but there was one firm that refused to let the idea die and they had a very novel way of solving the paper shortages.


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