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Ardath, A history
James B Duke
Major Lewis Ginter
Smaller issuers
ITC structure
SOCCER SECTION Football Section.
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CRICKET SECTION Cricket Section.
Now complete with biographies of major players (1880-1940) and comment on cricket events in history.
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Hundreds of pages of film star information on over 20,000 different cards Film Star Section.
Biographies of screen legends and a chance to order cards of your favourite film star. Find your favourite stars from the Hollywood Golden era and get a price quote on them if you wish.
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$3500 worth of cards in the Liebig offer this month, plenty of scans to see, wonderful The Liebig section. Beautiful sets, many over 100 years old, prices start from $8.
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Issued 1925: A Star is Born:

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Arms and Armour
British Empire Series
Celebrated Gateways
Characters from Dickens
Coronation series, ceremonial dress
Counties & their Industries
Cries of London
Derby & Grand National Winners.
FA Cup finals
Firefighting Appliances
Flags of the League of Nations
From Plantation to Smoker
Motor Cars
Picturesque Cottages
Polar Exporation
Products of the World
Racing Caricatures
Riders of the World
Shakespearian Series
Ships figureheads
War Decorations and Medals
Wrestling & Ju-Jitsu
Wonders of the Deep
Victoria Cross

Arms of Companies
Air Raid Precautions
Allied Army Leaders
Arms of the British Empire
Overseas Dominions - Australia
Overseas Dominions - Canada
Celebrated Ships
Do You Know
Engineering Wonders
Famous British Authors
Famous Inventions
First Aid
Garden Life
Household Hints
Yet more household hints
Historical Events
Lucky Charms
Merchant Ships of the World
Military Motors
Physical Culture
Recruiting Posters
Rigs of Ships
Romance of the Heavens
Rugby Internationals
Speed (1938)
Speed 1930
Safety First.
The World Dreadnoughts
Time & Money in Different Countries
The Sea Shore
Wonders of the Sea
Wonders of the Past

Churchmans Other manu:

Boxing Personalities.
Curious Signs
East Suffolk Churches
Eastern Proverbs
Interesting Door Knockers
Kings of Speed
Legends of Britain
Sports & Games in Many Lands
The Story of London
The Story of Navigation
Modern Wonders
Treasure Trove
Well-known ties
Wonderful Railways Travel
World Wonders Old & New

Ardath, Famous Scots
Cadles. Famous Footballers
Cohen Weenan Famous Boxers
Copes, Castles
Copes, The Game of Poker
CWS, Boy Scout Badges
Cavander, Ancient Chinese
Carreras, Amusing tricks and how to do them
Carreras, Believe it or not.
Carreras, Raemakers War Cartoons
Lambert & Butler, Famous Airmen & Airwomen
Lambert & Butler, London Characters
Lambert & Butler Pirates and Highwaymen
Lambert & Butler, Interesting Sidelights on the work of GPO
Hignett, Sea Adventure
Hignett Greetings of the World
Senior Service, Dogs
My old home town
Godfrey Phillips, Famous Minors
Gallaher, Fables & their Morals
Gallaher, Woodland Trees
Gallaher, Champions
Guinea Golds
Ogdens, Football Captains
Gallaher, Film Partners
Gallaher Animal and Birds of Commerical Value.
Gallaher, The Reason Why
Gallaher, Robinson Crusoe
Turf 'slides'
Westminster, The World of Tomorrow.
Part II
Part III
Ogdens, Children of all nations
Ogdens, How to Swim
Ogdens, Racing Pigeons
Ogdens, Leaders of Men
Ogdens, Picturesque Villages
Stephen Mitchells, Famous Crosses
Ogdens, Modes of Conveyance
Ogdens Marvels of Motion
F&J Smith, Phil May Sketches
Taddy, Victoria Cross Heroes
Time Line
Time line introduction
Timeline (1900-1910)
Timeline (1911-1920)

Card Catalogue


Theme Cards: Obits:

To early to know.
Early cinema
Film Stars born in 1899
Cricket Ducks
England's greatest cricket team
CB Fry - cricket
1000 runs in May
Football, the rules
Football legends
Play football to win
Aviation cards
Jack Johnson - Boxing great
Joe Louis - Boxing better
Winston Churchill
Sir Hector MacDonald - Hero to Zero?
Colliss - Hero to Zero ?
Sherlock Holmes
The Iron Duke
Caricature sets
Egyptian themes
Radio Stars
Christmas symbolism

Extinct British Butterflies

Changing names
Film Stars
Oscars, Best Actor
Women Oscar Winners
Hitchcocks early output
My Pets.
Star Trek
The Andersons,
Inventions & Discoveries
Holidays in East Anglia (UK)
German Cards
German Cards II


Jan 1998 Billie Dove, Silent Film Star b1901
Feb 1998 George Male, Footballer b1910
Mar 1998 Walter H Phillips, Speedway Riders b1908
April 1998 Cecil Paris Cricketer b1911
May 1998 Alice Faye Film Star b1912
Frank Sinatra
June '98 Maureen O'Sullivan, Film Star b1911
July '98 Roy Rogers Film Star b1911
Robert Young Film Star b1907
Bille Barnes Film Stars b1906
Oct 98 Gene Autry Film Star b1907
Robert McDowall Film Star b1928
Nov 98 Doug Wright Cricketer b1914
Dec 98 Archie Moore Boxer, b1913
Apr 99 Buddy Rogers Film Star b1904
Cyril Washbrook Cricketer b1914
May 99 Godfrey Evans Cricketer b1920
Gene Sarazen Golfer b1902
June 99 John Langridge Cricketer b1910
Sept 99 Chili Bouchier. Film Star b1909
Oct 99 Malcolm Marshall Cricketer b1958
Jan 2000 Hedy Lamarr b1913
Hooper Read Cricketer b1910
Feb 2000 Stanley Matthews Footballer b1915
Jun 2000 Brian Statham (cricketer)

Desert Island Cards

Please Read
J Blowers choice
Peter Coren

Trade Cards

Oval '48
Space Adventure
Trade Cards an introduction
Are you chewing?
Trade is Cheap?
The Magnificent Andersons
A brief history of Tea (Brooke bond tea)
Liebig, the cards too good for trade
Liebig revisited
Olympic games
Space Race
Hustler, Regimental Nicknames
Sports around the World
Twinnings, Rare Stamps
Lyons Maid, Famous People
Pascall, Devon Ferns/Flowers
Tom Thumb, Modern Wonders
Brooke Bond, Endangered Species
Boys Friend, Rising Boxing Stars