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Movie Tobacco Cards.

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Casablanca movie poster decorated with a couple of cigarette cards

Tobacco cards have been about as long as cinema and quite early on the companies discovered giving away images of movie stars was a way of increasing sales. One of the earliest sets devoted to movie stars was Major Drapkin, Cinematograph Actors [1913].

Many more film star cigarette card sets were issued in the 1920's and still more in the 1930's.

This has left us with a legacy from silent movie stars through to the Golden age of Hollywood when the studio system ensured the most glamourous of stars worked almost ceaselessly.

In this film star section of this site there are hundreds of examples of these cards (with many more to come). All cards are original and for sale (click the link on the top of every page to head for the order section).

Although often there is only one image of the star rest assured there are often very many more to collect.

All the images on this site are of original cards issued before 1940.


Each movie star has a potted biography and an opportunity at the bottom of the page for you to add any other information you think is relevant.

Now enter the magical world of cinema journeys of long ago where the world is forever black and white and sometimes silent.

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