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Each frame is hand-made and the mount specially cut to ensure both front and back of the card can be seen. In a world of mass produced product the difference is clear when some care and attention has been given.

The frames themselves are made of quality woods and special care is given to each stage of making them. The final polish is over 10 layers of French polish for example.

If you have a favourite film star(s) I will make a frame just for you incorporating those stars.

This makes a unique gift and because of the endless combinations this can create I will send you a personalized quote for this (and do not worry it does not cost the earth to have something hand-made).

Frames can include:
3 or 4 or 6 or 8 cards and options will be explained in the quote.

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Why not pick one of the frames available from the ready-made selection.

These comprise of 10 cards (of my choosing) from the film star set of your choosing.

As much care and attention is given to these as the frames you commision. Each frame is hand-made the only difference being the cards are of my choosing.

Prices for these are even more competitive.

Currently the following sets are available in this range:

Players Film Stars 1st series issued 1934

Players Film Stars 2nd series issued 1934

Players Films Stars 3rd series issued 1938

Wills Cinema Stars 1st series issued 1928

Wills Cinema Stars 2nd series issued 1928