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Cigarette card frames
Great Gift Ideas
Cigarette card frames are becoming increasingly popular gifts (either to yourself of someone else).

An example of a frame is shown below :

Example cards shown from this series

Each frame is made individually using traditional techniques.

The mount is specially made to protect the cards and ensure you can view both front and back of the cards.

Because of this the reverse of the frame is given as much attention as the front which is more care than many give.

You should also be aware often there is good reason you are not allowed to see the reverse of cigarette cards. It makes the passing off of reproduction cards as originals easier. Often the people selling the cards do not know they are reproductions because they do not have the experience necessary too know.

My cards are tested and guaranteed original, I know the difference having made an extensive study of this particular area of card collecting.

10 cards are choosen from the series you are interested in, over the years has proved the most popular frame format.

The frames make great and unusual gifts for everyone.



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