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Gift idea for dog lovers
Some of the most popular cards in the world are those which depict dogs. The art work is invariably first rate and man's best friend surely lives up to his reputation..
Example of frame

10 cards from this beautiful set of cards in a hand made frame with specially made mount to ensure both front and back of the card can be seen.

The frames are made with care and attention to detail. The final coats of polish account for 10 layers of French polish. Each frame and mount is made to order.

Wood is used for the frames and traditional framing techniques are used to create a classical feel for the cards which are not out of place in any circumstance.

Dog cards available in frames are as follows:

Carreras Dogs & Friend 1936

Players Dogs Heads by Biegel.

Players Dogs by Wardle (Heads) 1929

Players Dogs (Scenic Background) 1925

Players Dogs by Wardle (Full Length)

Wills Dogs (1937)


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