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Unusual gifts : Cigarette Card Frames
Cigarette card frames are very popular as unusual gifts and Franklyn Frames are right up there with the best of them.
The cards are choosen for the fact they look wonderful in a frame.

Like all my cigarette cards they are genuine and issued on the year stated. That is a guarantee.


Example cards in a frame

These make great unusual gifts either for others or just a treat for yourself. The frames are made from high quality materials designed to do justice to the original cigarette cards they contain. Most cards are now 60 years old or more so why not get a bit of history.

As one of the largest card dealers in the world I can sell these frames and cards at well below prices asked by other dealers.

10 cards from a series are choosen and placed in a frame.

The following themes are currently available for your enjoyment:

Film Stars of the 1920's - 1940's

Hollywoods Golden Era when it was at its most stylish and glamorous, something which is reflected in the quality of these original cards which were issued during the time.

Dog Cards.

Not for nothing are dogs known as Man's Best friend.
This very popular collecting theme is now available in hand crafted frames. The spirit of our favourite companions is really captured in many of these images.

Vintage Footballers

A hugely popular area now as it was then. The card producers really went to town on footballers. It has been said if you were a footballer in the 1930's but did not appear on a cigarette card you only thought you were a footballer. Tongue in cheek maybe but more than a grain of truth.

Cricket Cards

Nothing evokes England more than a game of cricket on the village green. During the 1920-1930 the game of cricket saw the likes of which it is never going to see again. Larwood, Hobbs, Bradman, the list naturally goes on almost forever.

Card themes are being added to this section of the site, so please come back every so often to check and bookmark this page now.


It is not all sport, actually it is just about any subject under the sun. Flowers became an increasingly popular theme during the cigarette card period which was fortunate for us now giving a huge array of choice.

This section of the site is contiunally updated (currently at least once per day).

If you would be interested in seeing a very large variety of cards available for framing. Click this link to go to another section of the Franklyn Cards website.



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The frames are hand made and care is taken in every of the many aspects of their creation. The mounts are specially cut to ensure both front and backs of the card can be seen and no harm will come to the cards.